Plan. Hope. Reach. Win!

Went to 24-Hour Fitness Pleasanton this morning. Then shopping at Walmart. Bought Dove ice cream bars to “test” my little freezer. Lol. Just reading and relaxing right now. Feeling very contented.

Gee, I am impressed with this little van. Pulled in to a nice shady spot a couple of hours before the library opens – and, naturally, someone pulls in right next to me – and starts talking loudly on their cell phone. I had my small vent by the bed open for a little air flow. Placed my hand behind my head, made one turn and closed the vent – complete silence. Opened it – loud talking. Closed it – peace and quiet. Love this van!

Went to dinner to McDonalds again with Uncle Joe and Tommy. Stayed at the house til midnight. Had a really fun evening.

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