Plant a new dream, and it could bloom by spring!

Went to 24-Hour fitness Fremont this morning. Stopped by LensCrafters and had them put silicone nose pads on my new glasses. Sensitive skin, the nose pads were burning my skin. Relief! Much more comfortable now. Kaiser Oregon has been leaving me messages to call and make an appointment. Must have found a little something from the stool sample I mailed them a couple weeks ago. Guess I’ll head to Oregon first and have that checked out. Nesqowin keeps calling too, so that may be a good beginning. In a few weeks, perhaps at Kaiser, I’ll get fitted for progressive glasses, and that will be that. At Fremont library now, charging electronics.

Went to Fry’s Electronics and bought books on using iPad and iPhone. Also, extension cord to use at library when I am too far from an available outlet. Going to the movies and seeing Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray. Also, stayed for How to Train Your Dragon, but slept through most of it.

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