Port Townsend Historic Homes

Internet connection very slow here. Now I am in Ellen’s RV. A little better. We spent all day with Donna, driving with a map, looking at all the famous homes. There are only three Victorian seaports and this is the only one on the west coast. We bought live shrimp and crabs at the seaport and are cooking them for dinner. We had the most fun day yesterday, but I have already forgotten what we did. Really need an internet connection so I can write my blog. You must come and experience this town. I could write nonstop for days. You must experience it. You must cover every inch. It never stops with all the fascinating facets. Art, culture, boats, boats, boats, Victorian, environmental, that’s just the beginning.

Had such a great evening and dinner with Diane, Margaret, Ellen and I. Lots of laughs, great food. I can’t believe how much fun I am having.

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