Positive thinking is more powerful than you think!

Dad and I drove the back road and first stopped and visited cousins Al and Lyn.  Then we had a great Christmas dinner at Shari’s Restaurant with Uncle Joe, Auntie Isabel, and cousin Tommy.  Surprise!  Al and Lyn came to the restaurant and had pie for dessert with all of us.  Lots of fun.  Then the five of us all stopped by cousin Debbie’s for a nice Christmas Hello.  So far, Lenny, Deaunn, Jean, Kim, Edgar, Landon, Annie, Krissy, Keith, Tyler, Mason and Sydney were there.  Can’t believe that I forgot to take pictures while at Debbie’s.  Hmmm…. I really need to get back on the ball.  Still raw feeding Luigi.  So far, I am pretty happy with it.  He seems to be doing well.

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