Positive thinking takes you places!

Dad and I went to Uncle Joe’s this morning and helped go through his mail.  Then we all went to the Pleasanton Convalescent Hospital on Neal Street and visited their cousin, Roseanna Candelario.  She most definitely has Alzheimer’s.  Never really could speak and definitely in her own world.  Her son Randy, daughter Rhonda and granddaughter Roslyn were all there.  Roslyn had made “homemade” ravioli’s for her lunch.  We had a little plate of them.  Delicious!  Rhonda says that Roseanna was glowing and smiling, which apparently has been a long time since she has done this.  Roseanna was so cute.  She was so into what everyone else was doing in the halls and the lobby.  lol  But, for us, it was difficult to see her this way.  Though we did laugh and have a lot of conversation around the table.  Glad we went.  Then we had lunch at Jack-in-the-Box.  Came home and I went to the gym.  Went swimming and the Jacuzzi.

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