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Been running non-stop since 5:00am this morning. Lots and lots accomplished. Since most of it is organizing and much of it is business, not really much to talk about in my blog. I would be listing about 100 items that were accomplished today. Though early this morning I did order my washer, dryer and refrigerator.
Ran to the laundromat today. Finally, got my van washed for the first time since in several months. Whoa – does she look beautiful. Went shopping. Even finally got shelf lining.
No idea when I am going to put it in. My body says NO! tonight. lol
Luckily, I was able to pick up Popeye’s chicken for the family and have a nice quick dinner with them. My printer is not printing or scanning or behaving, even though I spent over 4 hours with the tech the other day. Need to find time, to call, and try again.
So frustrating! Did finally get my new iPhone paired to my van today. Took care of several business transactions today.
Very time consuming, but satisfying.
Scheduled our
Boots on the Ground for the 7th and made reservations for the hotel while we are there. Another one of my properties seems to be going through.
Also, renting out several bonus weeks of my
time share. Pretty happy about that, because I just don’t seem to have the time right now to enjoy traveling. Setting up a home base and a new business turns out to be time intensive.
After running around all day getting supplies to take to the
Boots on the Ground, and not able to get everything, I went online and ordered them from Amazon tonight. Now, I need to return all these extra supplies.
Between sending wires, and scans and emails and docusigns, and every other concoction. No two transactions are the same. Even a simple Federal Express transaction turns into a major tadoo. Hopefully, I will become more accustomed and things will run more smoothly. Certainly never a dull moment. Drove into Lenwood. When I found out Palmdale is two hours away, I decided to make new plans. lol
And Barstow is such a small town, I can’t even get the right print cartridges for my printer. And I don’t want them mailed to me, because we are going to be out of town most of next week. And with the holidays, it makes knowing when things will arrive a little trickier.
The plumber is arriving in the morning. Think I will be so happy when we get some of that taken care of. The duplex keeps getting better.

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