Positivity is like a switch. Flick it on, and it will brighten your whole life!

Dad and I had lunch today at Sizzler in Hayward with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  We got home in time to watch them bring the new coach in across the street.  It was fun watching them bring in those sixty foot halves and get them in the small lot.  They still need to put them together on another day.  Then down to the Jacuzzi to warm up on this nice icy winter day.  Apparently the chicken thighs have more than 10% bone, and Luigi was constipated this morning.  So I ran to the market across the street and bought six boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  They were huge – about 10 ounces – and I thought he would leave about half – but he gulped and inhaled that thing!  The small thigh took about an hour to eat; the huge breast about took less than ten minutes.  haha  It’s fun to watch this develop.  He kept it down, which surprised me.   Guess I’d better cut the breasts in half.  I “think” he only needs about 5 ounces of meat for his seven pound body.  All part of the learning curve.  He already seems to be getting friskier on this diet.  I’m feeling good about it.  Dad and I enjoyed eating the cioppino that Anthony made from their Christmas dinner.  Delicious!  What a fun treat for dinner tonight.  We’ve been craving cioppino forever and we can only Rave about how Delicious this was!

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