Positivity is power!

Skipper and Cheri helped me move all of the furniture in the living room and family room away from the walls this morning, and vacuum and dust under and behind and everywhere.  What a big job!  The entire house has now been cleaned and vacuumed and dusted and I feel so happy.  Cheri flagged down Ruven in front of the house and he Fixed my ceiling fan/light.  Wow!  That Really Makes Me Happy!  They left and went home about 1:00PM.  I went swimming for two hours.  So exhausted, I took a 3 1/2 hour nap.  While napping, dad was on the phone to four different people at Bank of America because he hasn’t received our cards with our new pictures.  He got so involved in his story, that the guy CANCELLED our card and is issuing a new one.  We went to Rite-Air for Duggans and milk and our Visa card was denied.  I had ANOTHER  talk with dad, and asked him nicely, PLEASE stop making these calls.  Every time he does, they never understand what he wants and it always ends badly for us.  He always agrees he will stop, but so far, he keeps doing these things over and over again.  We also noticed today that our blind is broken, part of our wall molding is coming loose, our screen door needs to be fixed, and there is a large gap at the top of our sliding glass door.  All things that we need to get fixed.  Definitely a very full day.

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