Potential. It’s what you’re full of!

Had dinner with Skipper and Cheri last night. One more week, and Cheri goes back to the doctor to have her cast removed. Skipper made a delicious pot roast in the slow cooker.

Something has come up and Jose will be out of town this week, so nothing will happen on the yard this week. Guess it is better to know it now. So, I have been working all morning cleaning out the garage. Daniel left TONS of stuff, and Gabi has not come over to help. Today is garbage day, so I thought I would just start filling the garbage cans and see how far I can get. This is a nice big project.
haha Those garbage cans were so heavy, I almost couldn’t move them, even on wheels. I must have done a Really Good Job of filling them!

Tonight I went to City Hall for their meeting and helped represent Twilight Wish with Raynette, Anna, and Peggy. It is because we are just starting it up again after not having a chapter for two years.

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