Ordered online and received today my Purofied Purolator Furnace Filter from www.Lowes.com  20 x 20 x 1   RPF 5600  Allergen Reduction.  Still having chest cough each time I try to wean myself off the inhalers that Kaiser has me using.  “Hoping” this Allergy Filter that I have put over the front of my new Lasko Box Fan helps clean the air in my bedroom and I can start breathing easier again.  Filter performance is supposed to help with Pollen, Mold Spores, Lint, Dust Mite Debris, Pet Dander, Dust, Bacteria, Smoke, Smog, Particles That Carry Odors, and Particles That Carry Viruses.  Got this idea from a video online from www.vitalitymassage.com titled “Air Purifier Reviews & How to Make One – Do it Yourself $50!”

Enjoyed my day so much today.  I walked around all of Lake Elizabeth in Fremont – barefoot!  Yep!  Don’t know why walking barefoot is the only thing that truly makes me happy these days – but I sure am Happy!  It is two miles around the lake.  Last time I walked it, I had to sit down part way around.  Today, I actually felt energized.  Tonight I am going to the Jacuzzi and swimming pool.  Have been enjoying these Amazing watermelons that I picked up at the 99 cent store.  Best watermelons I’ve had in ages. 


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