Quartzsite Day 3

Too lazy to pull out laptop and set up hotspot, so typing one-finger on iPad. Nice quiet day yesterday. Got Tons accomplished. It is so nice to have some time alone in my van and continue to get organized and learn about it. Found a new blog of another gal full-timing in the small Roadtrek 170. Learning more tricks from her blog. Today I drove out 37 miles to Walmart and bought groceries. Spent a couple hours at Urgent Care but was never seen. Just wanted some cold sore medicine. Think I have enough to get me through for now.

Came back to WINs and went to New Orientation meeting. Then Circle. Then meeting for our trip to Mexico. Then it turned very cold. Now I am snuggled up in my warm, cozy van. Hoping to get to Solar Mike’s tomorrow and try one more time to see if I can add more solar. Cross fingers.

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