Rare, precious and priceless. That’s you.

Another super fast day. We all got up at 6:00am. I packed everything up and moved to my duplex. Also, using lots of stuff from my van. Gas was to arrive between 7 and 7pm. Luckily he arrived at 9:30am and the house got toasty nice and fast. While he was here, Time Warner arrived and set up my cable TV and Wifi Internet. I spent much of the day getting things in here and ordering lots of little stuff from Amazon. About 5:00pm my chair was delivered. My delivery for my bed has been scheduled out two weeks from now. Gabi came and helped with lots of details. Then we enjoyed
Taco Wednesday from Del Taco back at Skipper’s with Cheri and her mom Jean. And watched Cake Boss.

Best of all, I spent my first night in my duplex. Lots to do. So much is coming up, and I feel overwhelmed. Not sure I am going to be able to accomplish everything. But, I will take one step at a time and do my best.

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