Remember that there are always options.

There were two movies playing in stadium 10 – last day playing at the theater. Projector broke and both movies cancelled. So I saw Taken 3. Boring. I am really enjoying Tucson. Surrounded by mountains. Gorgeous. Reserved tomorrow night at Desert Trails RV park. Adult park with lots of activities. I am seriously considering reserving and staying there for one month. If I stay for one month it comes to $19 a day.

Watched online a 1995 Larry King 10th Anniversary Special with Barbra Streisand. Great interview. It just shows me though, why I choose not to waste my time and energy watching the news. Absolutely everything is the same twenty years later. Just enjoy your life and don’t waste so much time on the negativity. It will be there when you get back. Lol

It’s going on midnight. I found another duplex in Barstow on Zillow tonight. I emailed my property management/realtors inquiring about it. Both units are currently rented. We’ll see how this goes. Feels right.

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