Remember you are a spiritual being in a physical body.

Love waking up to this Arizona sun beaming through my four skylights in my van. Makes me wake up so happy. Having some quiet time, I am still getting so many things completed. Sometimes it is surprising how long your to-do list really is. I am loving just mellowing out. I am just Happy.

Just received a phone call from my Acupuncturist, Mitch Tsao, from the Bay Area. Was so great to hear from him. His timing was perfect as I am just kicking back reading and enjoying this perfect day.

What a great day! Just face-timed with Brendon, Tacy, Olivia, Skipper, Cheri and Jean. I sure wish I were there with them. It is sure hard to be at two great places at the same time. So happy we have face-time.

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