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Had to laugh when I read the post by this guy who has been writing a weekly RV column for 17 years. He is currently traveling in North Dakota and he is Miserable with the weather, construction, and everything I have been complaining about. He is also not happy with Minnesota. He is headed east. haha Now, I don’t feel so bad about all my complaining.

Arrived in Coeur d’Alene and called Coco, who had told me to come visit her. She said she thought I would call before I came and they are three hours away at the farm in Montana. So, I am headed to Oregon. So much up and down mountains and constant construction. Do not wish to back-track through that.

Currently in Boardman, Oregon, about 180 miles from Portland. It is
105 degrees out. Too hot for van. Tired. Got a motel room for the evening. Aaaahhh, I do love air conditioning! lol Idaho broke a record today. First time they have had 90 degrees or higher for ten days in a row.

Did get my tires rotated this morning in Coeur d’Alene at Les Schwab Tires. Feeling very productive. Yea!

Just so happy to be back on the west coast. Even though it is hot, I am not one big sweat-bucket. This is a Very Good Thing!

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