Ring the bells that still can ring.

“Ring the bells that still can ring” – isn’t that a great quote! Live life where you are right now, and do what you can do right now. Don’t look back. Don’t look forward. Ring the bells that still can ring!
Love that! Went to chiropractor this morning. Having to search for who can rotate my tires. So far, no one. lol I’ll ask online for other Roadtrekkers. Did a lot of running around today. Trying to get lots of loose ends completed. Suddenly, several more have popped up, so I will be extra busy tomorrow. Did receive email from my property management to hire to paint unit and clear yard. They already have someone interested in the unit. Need to get going quickly. That is good news. Received a photo copy of my grant deed. Pretty exciting. Lots of other details to complete also. Received my mail from Oregon. Lots of details to attend to quickly. Tomorrow, when I am more rested. Nice family night tonight.

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