RV LABEL – That I Love

RV Warning Label – That I Love

“Warning: Life on the road may lead to adventure, a sense of wonder, and a greater understanding of the world at large.”

Great Day!  Dad and I went to the dining table at the clubhouse this morning.  Lots of people and lots of Christmas goodies and good cheer.  Then we picked up Eleanor and Luie and dropped some things off at the Salvation Army, went to Smart and Final; then went through the drive-thru at McDonalds and had their Mighty Chicken Wings in the car.  Followed up with a trip to the park across the street and ran Luie all over the park.  This afternoon, I went to the gym and used the treadmill and went swimming and used the Jacuzzi.  Tonight, we watched the San Francisco 49ers WIN – this was their last game to play at Candlestick, as they are moving to Santa Clara next season.  Such a great day!

Our dear friend, Maxine Lewis, passed away.  She has been living at Casa Sandoval with Alzheimers.   I believe she was around 95.  She was Jim Lewis’ wife – Jim died in 2011).

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