Salt triggers snoring.  Sleep apnea – a sleep robber characterized by heavy snoring and frequent seconds-long awakenings:  too much salt!  Overdoing salt prompts a buildup of fluid in your neck as you sleep, putting pressure on your airways.  Reducing your salt intake prevents the problem, so you can breathe easy!

Low iron triggers leg tingles and stops you from falling asleep easily – or jolt you awake during the night.  Chances are you are low in iron.  Try 8 mg daily if you are age 51 or over.

Schedule your last bite of food three hours to digest before bedtime and sleep more restful.  Also, eat low-fat dinners.  Fat requires more effort to digest, so your body has to work harder throughout the night, preventing it from fully relaxing.  You will experience more REM sleep – that’s the type of deep sleep that helps you wake up feeling refreshed!

Cleaning ladies came this morning.  Dad and I went to the dining table at the clubhouse.  Lots of people there this morning.  Lots of fun.  Then we met Uncle Joe at the donut shop in Niles.  The items he brought to the antique stores were not quite what he thought they were, and no one wanted them.  But, Ed and Sandi from Suda Mae Antique Store, that we met before, are coming to his apartment tonight to buy and pick up his china closet.  This afternoon I went swimming at City Sports Club for two hours.  Everyone must have gone back to work.  I had it to myself almost the whole time.  NICE!!  Boiled my herbs tonight.


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