Say yes to yourself, too!

Okay, I think it is officially me.  I get like this.  Very edgy, grumpy, irritated, want to jump out of my own skin.  So, yes, I took a Xanax to calm down.  It does help.  Takes the edge off.  Soon I should be calm again.  Can’t wait.  Hate this jump out of my own skin sensation.  Does this happen to everyone or just women?  I always figure it is a hormonal thing that is worse from time to time.  So just be nice to me right now, I’m pretty grumpy.  lol   Had a pretty nice lunch.  We all went to Burger King here on Industrial.  Other things happened, but they all ended badly.  You-know-who was involved.  May be time to take a little break.  Smile.

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