Say Yes!

New Years Eve!  We were babysitting Sadie (the dog) when Bill brought dad and I over two plates of ham, tamales and something else – and Sadie dashed out the door and went straight home.  Bill and Carol were hosting the main course of their progressive dinner and had everyone at their house.  Sadie just wanted her mommy.  It was so cute.  Dad and I had lunch today with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Blvd. Burgers in Castro Valley.  We had a lot of fun.  Good burgers.  It’s nice and icy outside and I went straight to the Jacuzzi when we got home.  Dad and I watched CNN with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin doing their New Year’s Even Countdown.   Always fun and crazy.  Luigi has been pretty finicky with his raw feeding.  Not sure what I should do.  Little dogs are tough.  He really doesn’t want to chew.  He just wants to lick the meat.  hahaha  Maybe I will need to cut it up in small pieces for him.  Interesting learning curve.

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