Scheduled Three Massages!

Hehe  Very Happy!  Finally found the link to the calendar on Absolute Bliss Massage Therapy’s Facebook page.  Had to schedule all three massages for 2:00pm rather than my preferred 10:00am, but!  I am feeling pretty darn excited!  I love massages.  And her reviews on Yelp all seem to be very positive.  Dad had exercise and their last Wednesday of the month lunch today, so I enjoyed a nice quiet morning and then this afternoon I did lots of running around and enjoyed a nice sunny day.  Went to San Leandro; bought “another” caramel apple with nuts (gosh – the Gala Bakery – makes them meteorically magnificent.  And they’re good too!  Still listening the the Hillary Clinton CD’s.  I’m on CD 14 of 20.  It’s pretty dry, but I still want to listen to it.  I’ve realized I have “SO MANY” Projects that I have started and not Finished.  I need to make a list – And Then Just Do Them!!!!!!!  Hey, at Least I’m Never Bored!

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