Shunpiker in Blue Earth, Minnesota

Yep, Shunpiker – means person who “shuns Turnpikes”. I really expect to mostly travel the back roads. But, I really want to get to Oregon. Also, in Chicago, I read that there is going to be a Roadtrek get-together in Oregon for three days in August. Hoping to be able to go to it and meet other people in Roadtreks. They said last time, there were 50 Roadtreks!

Today’s travels included heavy rains and wind and, as usual, lots of construction. I am in Minnesota. Tonight, it is still hot, muggy and intermittent rain. Lord, I may never leave the west coast again. haha I am not a weather snob – I am a weather “Wuss”. I just like beautiful weather all the time. That is my goal. Everywhere is so beautiful and all of the people are very friendly and I am enjoying all of the traveling. Sounds like I am complaining a lot – I am but, I am enjoying the trip. Always feel like I am in a hurry though. Hopefully, I will get to begin sauntering soon. Smile.

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