Smiles are a renewable resource!

Dad and I went to Uncle Joe’s early this morning.  He taught us how to make meatballs.  It’s really pretty easy.  I think we can do it.  Things got a little confusing.  Uncle Joe said it would take four hours to cook the sauce and the meatballs.  We discussed going out for lunch, staying in having oolio oolio.  Meanwhile, the apartment was getting very smoky, something kind of exploded, and Uncle Joe was very mad at us.  Nobody seemed to be communicating very well.  Finally, we all decided to have lunch at Jack-in-the-Box and call it a day.  That worked out much better.  Was very happy to be back home.  Cooked my herbs.  Had dinner and a nice relaxing evening.  We ate lots of ice cream for dessert tonight.

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