Snorkeling in Belize

This morning the boat is picking us up at our pier at 8:00am and the seven of us are going snorkeling. This is my first time to go snorkeling. Really looking forward to it. Looks like a much cooler day. May even rain.

Turned out to be a perfect weather day. The boat picked us up at our pier at 8:00am and we spent two hours having the best time snorkeling. My mask had problems staying sealed, but when it was working, it was incredible. I am going to get a better mask, possibly a scuba mask and definetly do more snorkeling. We saw all. Kinds of beautiful fish, and sharks, dolphins, a huge turtle.

Had a nice lunch around the corner at The Black Orchid. Took a ride into town on the golf cart and shopped at several small markets. Coincidentally met with our second golf cart midway and kept shopping with two golf carts. While sitting in the back of the second cart in front of one market, an old drunk came up and gave me a big hug. Family got a big kick out of that.

Went swimming in our pool for about two hours. Then we drove over and spent a couple of hours at Jerry and Elena’s condo. Took the boat ride over to Captain Morgan’s and had their buffet. Got teased because I bought a card to gamble with and never gambled. But had lots of fun watching the roulette table. Table was too crowded for me to join in. Had a drink while we waited for the boat to bring us back. Since we returned our second golf cart this afternoon, half of us took a taxi home tonight. It is very humid here and Katie, Jim and I went swimming when we got home about 11:00pm. So refreshing. A nice full, fun, active day.

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