Solar battery losing energy.

Solar battery is not charging correctly. Numbers are too low. Probably have to stop my traveling and go back to dealer and have this corrected. No telling how long this may take. They always have a backlog. Has to be done. Bummed.

Saturday, we went to the Visitor Center. Another great film about Mt. St. Helens and another Ranger talk and museum. What a fascinating story. Then to the Lavender Farm. Tasted lots of fresh lavender and bought a bottle of essential oil. Delicious lavender tea and lavender cookies. Enjoyed a live quartet of flutes, followed by classical guitar. Saturday night, potluck dinner with entertainment and exchanged gifts for Christmas in July. Slept with my back door open. Better, but it is still hot. Enjoying myself and want to keep going.

Sunday we did laundry and had a nice supper at Pepper’s Cafe. Getting ready for Travel Day to Gig Harbor, Washington tomorrow. Half of our group left today.

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