Some things never change. Like how special you are.

Wow!  Am I exhausted.  First, I just spent $5,000 for laser eye surgery and it has seriously come to my attention that I need to wear glasses.  This not being able to see is really not working for me.  Plus, with the scar on my left retina, forget about seeing anything.  So, I ran around town getting a few errands completed today, and while turning in old glasses to the Lions Club at Kaiser – my car has COMPLETELY died!  Called Bill Mack and AAA.  AAA took over an hour and MANY calls.  The guy was from San Jose and had no idea where we were.  The mechanic will be gone from today throughout the entire weekend!  Today is Thursday.  So, Bill drove me to Enterprise and I rented a Ford Fiesta for a week – for now.  Got home.  All of the telephones had no dial tone and the TV would not work.  Called Comcast.  And that did work out.  Bill had a gal from the park come into the house and look at the beds and sofa.   Has to talk to her husband.  My eyes, my body, my mind, are exhausted.  I need to rest.

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