Someone is happier because of you.

Yesterday, was Christmas Eve Day.  Dad and I went to the dining table at the clubhouse in the morning.  Lots of people.  Lots of fun.   At noon, we took dad to his back doctor appointment with Dr. Rhee.  It turned into quite a long appointment, because they wanted dad to pee in a cup.  Which is difficult for him anyway.  But, they now have a rule no water in the tap AND no water in the toilet.  Apparently, a lot of people on drugs try to dilute the specimen.  Turns out, dad says, even at home, he always has to flush the toilet to get the sound of water, to begin peeing.  But, the Good News is, we don’t have to go back to Dr. Rhee for six whole months.  Yeaaaa.

Today is Christmas Day.  We will go to the clubhouse dining table again this morning.  About noon we will go over to Uncle Joe’s and have a little fun.  Then, at 3:00pm, dad and I, Uncle Joe and Tommy will all go over to cousin Debbie’s and celebrate Christmas and have a nice Christmas dinner.

No one at the dining table this Christmas morning, so dad and I headed over to cousin Louie Pandolfo and wife Mary’s house in San Lorenzo and had a Very Merry Christmas visit.  The we arrived at Uncle Joe’s about 12:30.  By 1:30pm they were ready to go to cousin Debbie’s.  90 minutes early.  So, off we went!  Had the best time.  About 4:00pm, Deaunn, Jean, Tony, Stacy, Krissy, Keith, Tyler, Mason and Sydney arrived.  Tony brought his notebook, and asked lots of questions and got great answers for Ancestry from dad and Uncle Joe.  Everyone chimed in and helped with new details.  Fabulous dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, and lots of fun.  Got home at 8:30pm.

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