John Gray at Mars Venus – Chrisal PIP Probiotic BioMist Liquid – Allergy Control Heavy Duty Cleaner.

This morning went to Kaiser and picked up the testing machine for the second time.  Going to sleep with it tonight.  It is supposed to test for sleep apnea.  Hope the meter stays on my finger tonight.  We’ll see.  Went back this afternoon to pick up my allergy medication.  They wanted $678.00!!!  I have been so nice and healthy for so long, and a few months ago we changed my medical program to cost less  each month, but pay 100% for medications.  Big Mistake!  I immediately was attacked with these acute allergies.  Hopefully, I can change back to my previous medical program the first of the year.  I’ll call Kaiser and see.  Treated myself to a delicious sundae at Baskin Robbins.  Two scoops jamoca almond fudge ice cream, nuts and cherry.  I’m really glad I did.  It made me feel cheerier.  My Chrisal Probiotic Cleaner came in the mail and I went to Dale’s Hardware and bought a new mister bottle and tonight sprayed it all around my room.  Is supposed to kill dust mites, mold, mildew. etc. in a very healthy, natural, non-toxic way.   I’ll put on my new air purifier on high for a couple of hours and let it help clear the air.  Will be especially happy when I can stop taking all of these expensive medications.  It has been “Very” windy here for months and months.  Also, both our mobile home park, and Industrial Blvd. have been planting all new trees, plants and bushes these last few months.  I’m sure all of these things contribute to all allergy people.  I haven’t suffered from allergies like this for years, so “hopefully” next year will be better.

Oh yea, my Favorite part of today is, I went for a barefoot walk.  Definitely, my favorite thing of all!

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