South Dakota

Stayed at Super 8 Motel last night in Minnesota. Drove almost 8 hours today. Staying at another Super 8 Motel in South Dakota tonight. Last night’s motel was nicer and about $30 cheaper. These hotels get more expensive. Of course, turns out there is a two-day get together tomorrow and Friday for motorcycles. Lots of people. I am about 200 miles from Mount Rushmore. The roads are Much Nicer immediately when you cross into South Dakota from Minnesota. But the winds continue to strengthen and I decided best for me to just surrender and head for cover. lol Everywhere there is so much weather. Wish I were going to California instead of Oregon, but I really want to get to Kaiser Oregon and see about a breast reduction. If they say no, I will bite the bullet, and get it done myself. Lots of beautiful country every where I go. I am such a bad driver though, it is difficult. I need to hire a chauffeur! Am almost finished catching up on my Roadtrek podcasts. Then I can switch to my music, or the MANY MANY audible books I have downloaded to my iPhone. That could take a lifetime just going through the ones I already have. Constantly adding more.

Feels good to relax. Aaaaahhhhhhhh.

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