Was looking on the computer and found Spring Forest Qigong with Master Chunyi Lin, in Minnesota, with a video of a woman, Mary Grayson, who healed herself of wet macular degeneration with qigong (sort of like Tai Chi) and visualization.  Definitely going to look further into that.  Certainly good for relaxation if nothing else.

10/20/2013 – Went online and ordered the SFQ Fundamentals – which I believe will include Level One Active Exercises and Small Universe DVD and CD; and downloaded the 100 Days of Spring Forest Qigong Chart.

This morning, dad and I went to the clubhouse for the annual Boutique.  Actually, we went for the hot dogs!  lol  Everyone was there!  Bev Mendes, Bev Morgan, Jan Culleton, Eleanor Flanagan, Danny and Myrle Patten, Fawn Mosier, Mary McLean, Arlene Stuart, Ralph and Evelyn Kavorkian.  Even my ex- mother-in-law, Nadine Dailey.  She looks fabulous.  She will be 90 in June.  She looks gorgeous.  We had the nicest talk.  Really enjoyed visiting with her.

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  1. Mark Young says:

    Qigong is indeed amazing, and I’ve witnessed on several occasions self healing through the exercise as well.

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