SpudFit Challenge Graduates

Today is last day of Spudtember. I did join the Octuber Facebook Group, as I hope to go forward and continue moving towards my healthy weight. A nice surprise is that just today,
Andrew “SpudFit” Taylor, also started a new Facebook Group called
“SpudFit Challenge Graduates” Facebook Group
for all of us who have completed the first Challenge, and those going forward. It was such a great experience being part of the very “First” group. Over 400 people. And so successful. It is so inspiring to read everyone’s journey, and also, to have been able to contribute. The support really made for a fast month. Not only do I feel so healthy, but I lost 18 pounds in September. Can’t wait to continue in this positive direction. Never hungry is my favorite part.
Always calm and satisfied.

Handyman Raymond and his crew worked until 6:00pm last night and arrived again at 9:00am this morning. I really had a talk with him yesterday, because he has not been working at all, and I really want to finish the work here. He asked for another advance of money, and I explained, No, I just can’t do it. I just want this all finished. “Hopefully,” we are headed in the right direction. With Handymen, this is always a very “iffy” situation. But, if he never finishes, he will never receive the balance. He already has most of the money. So, that is my fault – again. I am a sucker. But, after a year of handymen, I’m starting to get a little “crusty” around the edges. lol

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