Start each day with a grateful heart.

Well, of course, what is supposed to be a five minute project – putting Eclipse Sun Shades on the inside of my windshield, basically turned into a half day project for me. lol I think the left one is not quite far enough to the left, but it seems to be permanent. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them. Can always start with a new set if I need to later down the road. Think it will be okay for now. Went to Costco in Salem. Drove to Beaverton and went to Beaverton Costco. Now, at Beaverton Lowe’s using their great wifi. Nice big parking lot with a great wifi. I think Lowe’s and I are going to be new BFF’s. Later I will drive to 24 Hour Fitness near Kaiser as tomorrow morning I have my physical with Kaiser. At Costco, bought a new magazine – Mac – Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks. Trying to become more familiar with my MacBook Pro. Never really have had the time to learn how to use it. Everything I have learned is so easy – Once I understand what to do. Magazine says there are Over 500 OS X Tips. That is the operating system that I believe I am using. Now that life is hopefully slowing down a bit for me, I can start taking the time to catch-up with all these little learning things. Just need extra time, because I tend to take things slow and enjoy the process.

Spent the afternoon at the Lowe’s parking lot in Beaverton enjoying their wifi and running my generator for my air conditioning. Tonight went swimming for an hour at 24-hour Fitness by Kaiser. And then the jacuzzi. Water was warm. Felt good.

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