Starting my new WordPress blog

Okay, here we go again.  Trying to start my new blog at using WordPress.  It’s fun to learn new things!


Oh No!  Looks like I really messed up again.  Now, that I can imported my blog here to WordPress – I Can NOT access by Blogger blog .  I should not be allowed to write a blog!!!!  To heck with it.  I have wasted so much time, I am completed exhausted.  This is my new blog and HOPEFULLY everyone can figure out that I have NO clue what I am doing, and come and find me.  Please!  I am totally lost and blocked out from and cannot make any changes over there suddenly.  Sort of like living through a flood or a fire.  Time to have a Fresh Start!  Cool!  I Like That!  Sink or Swim – Here I Go!


Okay, after my little rant, I found my way back into blogger,  Whew!

Think I’ll leave my rant in though, just to remind me how much work I went through.  I think if I were younger and smarter this would have been a two-second set-up.  That’s okay.  I’m Here!  And on we go!




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