Stay close to anything that Makes You Feel Alive.

Went every where today. Went to CVS, American Eagle Outfitters, Best Buy, Sports Authority, Kohl’s, Ben and Jerry’s, Chipotle. Went to the movies and saw Paul Blart 2 Mall Cop with Kevin James. Yes, there were tolls coming and tolls going. $2 each way. You can’t get into your car here without paying tolls. It’s crazy.

Watched the live stream on the computer for Tony’s graduation ceremony receiving his Master’s degree from USC, the University of Southern California. So proud of him. He looked so cute. Great big smile and big hand gesture for his professor.

Signed off with escrow to decline the duplex. Got lots of organizing completed. Seems like that is ongoing. Took a nice hot soaking bubble bath with my new bath soaps from Lush. So much fun.

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