Success has so many alternate routes, your arrival is guaranteed.

Dad went to exercise with Bill Mack and Eleanor Flanigan and Joyce Smith and everyone this morning.  I ran around and got lots of errands done and then had a nice relaxing barefoot walk around Lake Elizabeth in Fremont – two miles around the lake.  For some reason, I just cannot stay awake at all this week.  I feel so exhausted.  We are helping Uncle Joe a lot and honestly, it is draining.  He is doing very well, but, naturally, everything is a bit too confusing for him.  And for Tommy too.  So, we have been there many times, and they have called us Many Times.  Good news is, I did receive my Visa card with a new picture on it.  So dad is going to destroy the two other cards that I have.  Went to AAA and paid for our yearly insurance.  It went up 30% because of the minor accident I had a few months ago.  I still want to kick myself for being so stupid and my bad judgment for that moment in time.  Wish I could sleep.  I am so exhausted, but I am so restless.  And having nightmares again.  Oy!  Can’t wait for things to quiet down again.  I don’t enjoy being the one making all the decisions.  I like to relax and just think happy thoughts.

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