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Dad and I had lunch today with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Normans Restaurant in Castro Valley.

All of my current medications are all allergy medicines.

FLUTICASONE 50 MCG/Actuation Nasl SPSN, Sig: Use 2 sprays in each nostril daily for allergy.

LORATADINE 10 MG ORAL TAB, Sig: Take 1 tablet orally daily for allergy.

PROAIR HFA 90 MCG/ACTUATION INHL HFAA, Sig: Inhale 2 puffs orally every 4 hours as needed for quick relief of asthma symptoms.

QVAR 80 MCG/ACTUATION INHL AERO, Sig: Inhale 1 puff orally 2 times a day Rinse mouth after use.


Please use the Omeprazole 20 mg 1/2 hour before breakfast and dinner.

Use the Spiriva 1 puff in the morning until you feel better.

Friday I am scheduled in the Pulmonary Department for a breathing test.

July 30th I go back to the Pulmonary Department to learn how to use the equipment to use at night for sleep apnea.

Dad and I are talking about having someone come in and clean our ducts and steam clean our carpets and furniture.  First, I want to toss a lot of things and donate them to the Salvation Army so that I can move this large furniture in my room and get it really clean.

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