Surround yourself with others who are happy.

Sure enjoying all this amazing Arizona sun. Even get to wake up with the sun. As nightfall landed tonight it was still 70 degrees warm. These sunsets are always breathtaking. Got up this morning and went to the laundromat and washed my rugs. Did a little sight-seeing around Ajo. Took a nice, leisurely drive here to Organ Pipe. Had a really nice, quiet afternoon, and got so many loose ends tied up. Feels good. My new property management is so great. They already had Daniel check out my dry rot and got an estimate. Except for the fact that the nearest post office is over an hours away, I would have the check in the mail. Not sure if I should drive back to Ajo tomorrow, or wait and see if someone else is planning on driving into town. I bought several boxes of granola. Tried them today. No Can Do. I will probably lose weight the old fashioned way. Starvation. Lol. Hey – whatever it takes. Pooh – I found my stash of hot wing pretzels in the microwave.

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