Take a giant step toward your dreams: Believe!

Every single day, I try to stay positive and skip over the events.  Perhaps, beginning today, my current blog, for now, is going to “include” my daily events.

Today – I go to put another paper that has come in the mail, and go to put it into the folder, in our 4-drawer file.  The folder titled “Taxes”.  The Taxes folder is gone.  I ask dad where the folder is.  Am told that there are no papers that are needed in this folder, so, we no longer have this folder.  This is the dry version of this event.  Took Xanax.  We went to Harry’s Hofbrau with Bill Mack for the “Walkers” Christmas Lunch.  Came home.  Took long nap.  Got up.  He started saying more crazy, negative stuff.  Came back to bed.  Just not a happy girl.  Has never been easy.  Since Uncle Joe has become more mentally confused, dad has joined in joining the mental confusion.  I don’t pretend to be the person that can handle this.  I Am Not.  Thinking of contacting my Kaiser primary doctor, and being referred to a one-on-one counselor to talk to.  Cannot – Will Not – do this all alone.

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