Take a giant step toward your dreams. Believe!

Lots of running around today.  Went and checked out Sprouts Farmers Market in Fremont.  Cool.  I will be going back.  Had a new battery put in my abalone wrist watch at Sears so that I can time one minute for one minute hypnosis.  That’s lots of fun.  Enjoyed listening to my audiobook.  Picked up egg nog for New Years Eve.  Spent hours enjoying reading reviews on Yelp by a gal Linda Benevolence M. from Hayward.  Excited to go try some of the local Hayward spots that she has reviewed.  Luigi spent a whole hour watching the animals of Jack Hanna on Piers Morgan.  So cute.  Raiders lost.  They have only won 4 games this entire season.  49ers are first in their division and get to enjoy a bye week.  Bill Mack has just called.  This means he and Sadie are coming over.  That makes Luigi very happy.  Our refrigerator is FULL of food they have been bringing over.  We are eating like Kings!

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