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I got to thinking about how dad constantly worried about me.  Just the week that he died, I had been approved for Medi-cal to help with my health insurance and turned 62.  He asked when I would be able to collect social security.  I answered “Now”.  And then he relaxed, and peacefully passed away.  Now a new chapter in my life begins, and honestly, I am looking forward to it.  Has been such a hectic time, but in a few weeks the pace should become more relaxed and I can begin taking the baby steps toward the future.  And the present.  Which is really the most important time of all.

LindaRae and I dropped off dad’s death certificate with Tony and then we had brunch at Norman’s Grill in Castro Valley.  We stopped at the post office and then ran over to social security.  Got there at 12:06pm.  Wednesday’s they close at 12:00pm.   Hmmmmm……   Came home and loaded her car.  Actually, we have continued to load her car all day and all night.  Barbara Lang came over and we shared a bunch of things with her.  Tom Roberts has put up the Sale Pending sign in front of our house.  Sure hope it gets approved by the park.  Tonight we had a great dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  More delicious rib-eye steak smothered in mushrooms and a ceasar salad.  Came home, took a shower and cleared out more cabinets.  Also, we went through all the papers in the den today.  Lots of separating and shredding.  Very full, busy, fun, happy, day.  Good Night.

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