The fullness of life resides on the edges of your comfort zone. Explore your edges.

Feeling better this morning. I’ve been having cramps all weekend long. Love being a woman. lol
It’s been a long time since I’ve felt quite like that.
Otherwise, it is just another beautiful day.
I’ve very in to making potatoes. lol
I am a dull person.
How could potatoes be so much fun!
Just Are!
Oh! And I’ve got a Pampered Chef potato masher arriving today!
I am strange.

I was so surprised to see Handyman Chuck show up at my doorstep today. Told me his long story about why I hadn’t heard from him all this time. After all that, he had to run out to get something – and you guessed it. I never heard back from him. I have texted him. Telephoned him. No response. I am so disappointed in him. I am the world’s biggest sucker. Oh well. He’s a nice guy. It was good to see him. That’s about the best I can offer.

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