The good things in life can get even better. Enjoy!

Gee, is it possible that I can be this happy doing absolutely nothing. So far, the answer is Yes. Been hanging out in the daytime in the Walmart lot. At night, pulling into a quiet neighborhood and leaving at daybreak. Quiet and peaceful. Feeling so good, getting lots of little projects in my van completed. Still settling in. It is so quiet and private and cozy in here. Finally opened one of my eight books I bought to learn more about my ipad and iphone. I am just too Contented for words. In a couple do days I’ll meet back up with the WINs. Kind of nice going back and forth between busy and relaxed. I’m. Lucky because I enjoy both.

Good news. Skipper and Cheri flew back to California this morning! They have been in Texas since last November having had their bad car accident. I am so super happy for them I could burst.

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