The grass is greener, right here.

What a wonderful way to start Monday. Stepped on the scale and it read 163.8 pounds.
I appreciate every single pound that melts away. So inspiring. Knowing that I don’t have to spend the following years as an obese person, makes me feel so happy. I have never thought of myself as being a fat person. I always think of myself as a normal weight person. So, looking into the mirror these last 30 years, always shocked me. Who is this fat person? So, finding the solution to getting back to me – priceless. Speaking of which, buying only potatoes for two months, has really been a huge savings in money for food. Whether for groceries, fast-food, or restaurants. It’s amazing how quickly it adds up. I don’t expect to live on potatoes forever, but it has been fun to see the savings for now. It’s hard to believe how much weight I really have. Here I’ve lost over 25 pounds. First of all, I am just now fitting into the clothes I’ve been wearing. Well, stuffed into actually. Thought I would be buying new clothes, but no, not yet.
Bought a size Large top, the first of September – I’m still too fat for it. Kind of shocking isn’t it? But, all the more reason, that this is so real for me. 25 pounds and I am still obese. Still wearing X-large – out of necessity. No wonder Kaiser didn’t want to do my surgery. This is taking a very long time, and I celebrate every single pound. It makes it so real. I pray that I never have to be obese again.

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