The little things in life lift us up!

Dad and I had lunch today with cousins Kenny and Lisa; and Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel in Castro Valley Village at Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant.  We had such a great time.  We were there celebrating Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel’s 66th Wedding Anniversary which is today, Saturday, December 22, 2012.  Also, yesterday, December 21, 2012 which was Auntie Isabel’s 94th birthday.  Of course I brought my camera.  Ooops!  Forgot I had brought it until we were back home!  No pictures.  Hopefully, I will remember Tuesday when we are with them for Christmas.  Today was Day 2 of Luigi eating raw chicken.  It seems to be going okay, but he is a little unsure of it.  I’m just going to take this slow and easy.  One step at a time.  This is new for both of us and not completely sure what to expect.  I tried to feed him a raw egg this morning.  He just walked away.  lol  He eventually eats the chicken, then comes and sits in my arms, like he’s not sure.  It’s a little strange.  But, I want to keep going forward and see what happens.  I want him to have a nice shiny coat and feel happy and frisky.  I wonder if this would help with his tear stains.  So far, nothing else has helped and I have tried lots of things to stop those tear stains.  I have been going to the Jacuzzi almost every day the last few weeks.  Nice and relaxing, but they are using a LOT of chlorine and my skin is barking at me a bit.  It’s always something, right!?  Just enjoying being calm.  Wouldn’t it be fun if I could get a little RV for Christmas and go traveling a bit?  Aaaahhhhh.  Today, Kenny and Lisa said they have been on 36 cruises and have five more scheduled right now.  Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel have traveled all over Canada, Europe, Panama Canal, Hawaii and about 3 million miles traveling the USA.  And I sit quietly in this room.  It’s a peaceful life.  But, I am restless.  My life passes by.  Kinda crazy, huh?  What can you do?  My birthday is next month.  Another year passes silently by.  What is it I think I will see out there?  Really?  What is the big deal?  Life is perfect right here, right now.  I must appreciate this perfect life.  A little empty is better than too many problems.  I need to get busy with one of my projects and keep my mind busy.  Yep!

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