Had Krispy Kreme donuts this morning and watched the implosion of Cal State Hayward’s Admin office from the street outside our coach.  Sadly, LindaRae went home today.  Miss her already.  We moved out my big cabinets out of my room. Can you believe I was in a small car accident this morning!  I was pulling over to the curb to write myself a “quick” note – didn’t see the Huge Red GMC Yukon!  Duh!  And I did leave a scratch on his driver side door.  Bummer.  Also, broke my passenger side mirror – but, I superglued and taped it back.  Seems to be working okay, so I’m going to just say Thank You!  Have to report this to the insurance company though.  Darn!  Oh, well.  One day at a time.  Bought 16 Super Sliders for carpet to put under my heavy furniture so that it will move easily from now on.  Vacuumed the dust away.  Gee, our original rug was So Pretty!  And fluffy!

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