The miracle of a hug!

Uncle Joe is sick with a cold.  I drove to Pleasanton and took them a thermometer and chicken noodle soup.  His temperature is only 99.8.  So, pretty good.  He sees the doctor on Friday.  Went to REI in Fremont looking for a hat to cover my ears.  Didn’t find one I liked.  Tonight, dad and I went with Bill Mack to Sizzlers for the Rebels.  There were 22 of us.  Good turnout.  Carol could not go as she as a viral infection.  We had a lot of fun.  Came home.  Poor Luigi pooped big time in two separate areas of the house.  I believe I overfed him too much beef that last few days, and not also not enough bone.  Totally my fault.  Still in the middle of a large learning curve.  Think I will try giving him a chicken thigh Monday and Thursday’s and see if that helps any.  Plus, he ate a HUGE amount of beef yesterday.  Thought I would let him self-regulate – but, he ate the WHOLE thing.  lol  He seems happy, so I am Happy!

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