The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.

Yesterday afternoon stopped at a green, lush, quiet, rest area and stayed through late this morning. Really wanted to stay there. Tennessee roads are terrible. Pot holes and torn up roads everywhere. Very stressful. Finally made it to Memphis and took a shower at Planet Fitness. I think I am on the wrong side of town. Joined Sam’s Club. Not sure why. Did fill up with gas. Went to the Malcolm Theater and saw Furious 7. I think it is the best one yet. Walking back to my van, a police officer in his car, stopped me and prayed for me. This must be a very religious town. Went shopping at Walmart. It is very humid. Think I am going to turn on my air conditioner for a bit. Received an email from my property management. Fair Housing wants to give my disabled tenant 90 additional days. Property Management is countering with an additional two weeks. My biggest problem is, I cannot get the property find up until she is out. She is a hoarder. I think it will all work out.

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