The only zen you can find on tops of mountains is the zen you bring up there.

Moved my van to the next space over and took care of all my tanks. Supposed to start raining this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow. So settling in. Lots of great wifi so having lots of fun on my computer. This morning I watched the 25th Anniversary All My Children Special hosted by Carol Burnett on YouTube. That was a fun find. Boy do I miss that show. Hadn’t thought about it for a long time. Have also been watching Big Brother on my computer and iPad. Went online and ordered ticket for end of October to Seattle Repertory theater to see
Buyer and Cellar again. Looking forward to seeing it with a different actor and director. Pretty sure I’ll still be in the Northwest then. This weight is sticking to me like glue. May need to go on a serious starvation diet and spend lots more time at the gym on the bicycle and the treadmill. Today while I’m at this RV park I’m just going to lay low.

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