The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Beautiful sunny day. But, each day is trying. I drove to Victorville to have my van worked on. I arrived at 8:00am. So much happened, I don’t the energy to tell all. But, I did not get out of there until 5:00pm. They had me running around in circles. And, also, they had not ordered the regulator that was the reason I had told them on the phone two weeks ago, that I made the appointment for. So, I have to drive back to Victorville Thursday. And, of course, when I got back home, Handyman Raymond has still not returned to complete my yard. It is still completely torn up and unfinished. No phone call, no communication. This day-to-day stuff is starting to wear really thin. I am beginning to feel helpless. Guess I just need some rest. I am tired of resting to recover from this nonsense. I wish I could just do things myself. But, fact is, I just can’t. Maybe I am getting bored just “waiting”. Guess it’s time to just go and “Do” and hope things work out. In other words, in the Famous Words of my adorable Uncle Al –

“Who Gives a Shit”

Oh yea!!!!!!!


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