The root of joy is gratitude.

Called my Oregon dentist yesterday, and was lucky enough to get an appointment for today and have my teeth cleaned. Driving to Tigard this morning. After my cleaning I found a Baskin Robbins and enjoyed a sundae. Later in the day LindaRae, Tammie and I went to —————- Baskin Robbins! and I had a second sundae! Now, that is a great day. I am trying to handle too many things at once, and I just tired, tired, tired. So took a nap. Can’t get ahold of my handyman. He says he will call me right back, and then never does. They did put the rock in my yard, but the job is not complete. Cross fingers they will return tomorrow and finish the entire job. My Michigan property is definitely going to be a long, drawn out process. My regulator for my propane tank that I replaced last year — blew again today and I have to find someone to replace it – again. So, just another day in paradise. This too shall pass. I’m ready for a little get-away. If I can’t accomplish anything, I might as well relax and chill a bit. I’m getting too edgy because I can’t count on anyone to just get the job done. I’m ready to go forward, but that doesn’t ever seem to matter. I will go find something fun to do to distract me, and things will definitely get accomplished eventually. I just prefer for them to be accomplished – yesterday! Smile! I feel like I can’t get enough accomplished right now, and I need to get home and tackle a few more projects that need my immediate attention. Then, hopefully, I can take a little van trip and just enjoy nature a bit. Definitely need it.

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